Urinal Screens / Mats

  • Non Para and Para
  • Flexible design molds to the shape of any urinal
  • Eliminates odors, reduces splash back and gradually releases fragrance, cutting cleaning time by up to 50%.
  • Urinal Mats Fragrance lasts four to six weeks, depending on usage. Nonslip bottom provides a safer floor surface and protects floors from stains and uric acid damage

Mop Handles

  • Speed Change Mop Handle Fiber Glass or Wooden Handle
  • Gripper Mop Handle Fiber Glass or Mop Handle
  • Lie Flat Screw In Wooden Handle

Mop Heads

  • Screw In/Lie Flat, 1" and 5" Head Bands
  • Rayon, Cotton, Microfiber, or Blended
  • Cut and Looped Ends, Tail Bands, and Scrubber Pad

Mop Buckets

  • Heavy-duty, ergonomic wringer
  • . Constructed of tubular steel and structural web molded plastic
  • Blue, Red, Green, Red, Grey, and Brown Available

Dust Mops

  • Cut and Looped Ends
  • Disposable and Washable
  • 18", 24", 26", 48", 60" 
  • Wooden or Fiber Glass Snap on Handle
  • Wire Frame in all sizes

Vacuum Cleaners

  • upright, Hand Held, or Back Pack
  • Commercial Grade
  • Belts, Filters and Bags for Most Models